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Finding the Perfect Tenant for Your Long-Term Rental Property

When it comes to finding the perfect tenant, property owners have a lot of responsibility on their hands. Renting to the wrong tenants can lead to disastrous situations. For instance, damaged property, late rent payments, or even run-ins with law enforcement are not ideal. In addition, bad tenants can cut into a landlord’s profit margins and make their job incredibly stress ridden.

Though the steps to finding the ideal tenants may seem tedious, the payoff is well worth the work. By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to secure reliable and trustworthy occupants for your property.


When prospects begin contacting you about your property, it’s best to be ready with preliminary questions to weed out anyone who might cause problems. Be up-front with your rental policies and inform them of the amount due for monthly rent and security deposit. Doing your homework when it comes to learning about potential future tenants is vital. By disclosing your rental policies and screening processes, you may be able to eliminate less-serious applicants. Here are some ideas on things to mention you’ll be requiring or checking on:

  • Employment History
  • Credit Check
  • Past Rental and Personal References
  • In-person Interview

Showing the Property

It’s important to have first-person interaction with the people wanting to rent your property. Meeting applicants in person can reveal their nature as renters. People who complain, criticize or immediately identify problems with the rental home can allude to high maintenance or problematic renters and may present trouble down the line. Appearances and high-level interactions may not always be the best measure of a person’s true character though so don’t be afraid to trust your gut too!

Background check & Interviews

Once you’ve prescreened over the phone and had potential renters view the property, do your due diligence to check applicants’ information thoroughly. First, talk to their past employers and landlords. Next, verify their current employment, and request a credit report from either a credit reporting agency or a tenant screening service. Then, ask about their current renting situation: Do they have children? Pets?

Warning Signs

When it comes down to it, there are some red flags that may hint at an unreliable renter. These can include unstable employment history, a history of evictions, criminal record, and late or missing payments. In these cases, reach out to the applicant and ask what might have happened. Of course, we’re only human, and no one’s perfect, but they might not be a great fit if they cannot provide a satisfactory answer to explain their situation.

The road to finding perfect tenants can be long, but Sea Scape Properties can help alleviate stress regarding the screening process. We screen all of our applicants personally and conduct thorough checks on those renting your property by verifying credit scores, rental history, employment, proof of income, and even pet referrals. Whether you’re already a property owner or are considering buying property in the future, Sea Scape is here to help place the right tenants in your space. For more information on our property management services, feel free to reach out to our Long-Term Property Manager, Maria Tetterton by phone at 910-332-7284, ext. 106 or by email today.

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